Why Choose Us



1. High Quality Product / Certificate
Product quality is our primary concern and we highly value our established reputation . To ensure customer satisfaction , we have a quality management system and implement a quality inspection / control in every aspect of our production work , we also provide a certificate along with each shipment and make sure all products meet or exceed customer requirements .
2. Professional technical consultation and after-sale service
We understand your problems , and can talk the language of your industry .

3. Professional and quick quotation
Our sales staff provide the most efficient response with product specifications, prices, and delivery time within 24 hours .
4. Easy & fast ordering procedure
How to place order ? We accept formal PO issued by major universities and companies by bank wire transfer payment method . We also accept simple PO ( Direct Order without PO ) by credit card payment method .
5. Large Inventory for quick / immediate shipment
For quick / immediate shipment purpose , we always maintain a large inventory and stock fast moving items including prime wafer and test wafer .
6. One stop shop
We have a wide product range including wafer and sputter target , you can buy all materials in one time .



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