ZnO Wafer

Semiconductor Wafer Inc. ( SWI ) provides high purity single crystal ZnO wafer and ZnO bulk for power device , LED , sensor and detector applications . 
With an ideal crystal structure , ZnO wafer ( Zinc oxide ) has a 2% lattice mismatch to GaN , that is much less than the lattice mismatch of sapphire wafer and SiC wafer . ZnO wafer is one of the most suitable substrate for using as GaN epitaxial growth and wide band gap semiconductor application . 

ZnO wafer  are supplied  in square shape , undoped , size 10 x 10 x 0.5 mm , double sides polished surface finish and <0001> oriented , our high quality ZnO wafer have been widely used for the growth of nitride base devices .  

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ZnO Wafer Features : ZnO Wafer Applications :
Excellent crystalline quality 
Excellent lattice match to nitride
Easily etched for device integration
For GaN epitaxial growth      
Power devices  
UV detectors
Light-emitting devices
ZnO Wafer Properties
Growth method
Crystal structure
Lattice parameter a=0.565754
Lattice mismatch with
GaN in <0001> plane
< 2.2 %
Lattice constant
3.3 A
Identified polished face
Zn - face or O - face
ZnO Wafer Available
Round shape NA
Square shape size : 10 x 10 x 0.5 mm
ZnO bulk / block size : 26.5 x 26.5 x 10 mm
Standard Specification
Tolerance of orientation
+/- 0.5 °
10 x 10 mm
0.5 mm
Surface finish
two sides polished
Resistivity 500 - 1000 ohm-cm
Surface roughness
Ra <= 10 A


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