GaAs Wafer

Semiconductor Wafer Inc. ( SWI ) provides both single crystal and polycrystalline GaAs wafer ( Gallium Arsenide ) to opto-electronics and micro-electronics industry for making LD , LED , microwave circuit and solar cell applications , in diameter range from  2" to 4 ".

We offer single crystal GaAs wafer produced by two main growth techniques LEC and VGF method , allowing us to provide customers the widest choice of GaAs material with high uniformity of electrical propertirs and excellent surface quality .

Gallium Arsenide can be supplied as ingots and polished wafers , both conducting and semi-insulating GaAs wafer , mechanical grade and epi ready grade are all available .

We can offer GaAs wafer with low EPD value and high surface quality suitable for your MOCVD and MBE applications , please contact us for more product information .

GaAs Wafer Features
GaAs Wafer Applications
High electron mobility  
( it's about five times higher
than silicon wafer )
High frequency
High conversion efficiency
Low power consumption
Direct band gap

Visible and infrared LED 
Light emitting diodes
Laser diodes
Photovoltaic devices
High Electron Mobility Transistor
( HEMT )
Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
( HBT )
Electrical and Doping Specification
Dopant available
Si / Zn / Undoped
Type of conductivity
N / P
Concentration ( cm -3 )
1E17 - 5E19
Mobility ( cm2 / v.s. ) 
Standard Specifications
Growth method
Ø 2" / 3" / 4"
350 um  ~  625 um
Semi-conducting or Semi-insulating
<100> , <111> , <110>
Off orientation
From 2° to 10° off
Flat options
EJ or SEMI. Std .
Surface finish
One side or two sides polished
Epi polished grade , mechanical grade
Package method
Single wafer container
1. High uniformity of electrical parameters .
2. Excellent surface quality for epitaxial growth . 
3. Non-standard specifications are available upon request .


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