GaN Epitaxial Wafer

Semiconductor Wafer Inc. ( SWI ) provides GaN epitaxial wafer to microelectronics and optoelectronics industry in diameter 2" to 4".

GaN epitaxial wafers are grown by HVPE or MOCVD method , can be used as an ideal and excellent substrate for high frequency , high speed and high power device .

Currently we can offer GaN epitaxial wafer for fundamental research and device product development use, including GaN template , AlGaN and InGaN .

Besides standard GaN based wafer , we can also work with our clients to discuss and design specific epi layer structures .

Please contact us for more product information or discuss your epi layer structure .

GaN based products GaN device features
GaN / Sapphire templates
AlGaN / GaN / Sapphire HEMT
AlGaN / GaN / Sapphire Detector
InGaN / GaN / Sapphire QW LED
Higher frequency
High voltage operation
Higher operating temperature
Lower RF losses
III-Nitride epitaxial wafer
Growth method HVPE , MOCVD
Epitaxial layer
GaN , AlGaN , AlN , InGaN
0.5 - 50 um
Si , Mg , Undoped
Concentration ( N type )
1E17-1E18 cm-3
Concentration ( P type )
5E17-1E19 cm-3
Surface finish as grown
Defect density <= 10 cm-2
Useable area >= 80 %
Substrate Sapphire , Silicon , SiC


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