InP Based Epi Wafer

InP Based Epi Wafer

InP Based Epi Wafer

InP Based Epi Wafer

SINCE 2002

Research & Innovation

Semiconductor Wafer Inc. ( SWI ) provides MBE / MOCVD epitaxial growth of custom structure on InP substrate for microelectronics , optoelectronics and RF Microwave applications , in diameter Ø 2" to Ø 4” . With our extensive MOCVD experience , we can grow binary alloy ( InP ) or ternary alloy ( InGaAs , InAlAs , InGaAsP ) on InP substrate , singel layer or multiple-layer superlattice structures with superior crystalline quality to meet a variety of device needs . Our highly skilled experts can work with you to design and optimize your InP epi layer structure . Please contact us for more product information or discuss your epi layer structure .

InP Based Epi Wafer
III-V Epitaxial Wafer
MOCVD Technique

InP Based Epi Wafer Capability

Our reactors are configured for a variety of material systems and process conditions. We can provide custom epitaxy for a variety of device applications ranging from LEDs to HEMTs.

Material Capability Substrate Wafer Size
InP/InP InP wafer Up to 4 inch
InAlAs/InP InP waferr Up to 4 inch
InGaAs/InP InP wafer Up to 4 inch
InGaAsP/InP InP wafer Up to 4 inch
InGaAs/InGaAsP/InP InP wafer Up to 4 inch
InP/InAlAs/InP InP wafer Up to 4 inch

Optoelectronic applications:

Photodetectors, VCSELs, laser diodes, LEDs, SOAs, Waveguides

Electronic applications:

FETs, HBTs, HEMTs, diodes, Microwave devices.

Epi Layer Structure ( HEMT / HBT )

Growth MOCVD                                                  
Dopant source P type / Be , N type / Si
Cap layer i-InP layer                                                  
Active layer n-InGaAs layer
Space layer i-InGaAsP layer
Buffer layer i-InP layer
Substrate Ø 2" /  Ø 3" / Ø 4" InP wafer

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