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Semiconductor Wafer, Inc. ( SWI ) is one of the largest semiconductor & electronic material supplier in Taiwan , founded in 2002 . SWI was developed to provide academic researchers with wafers and other semiconductor related scientific materials and services .

Semiconductor materials is our main core business , our team is technicality based , since it's establishment , SWI is deeply involved in the research and development of advanced electronic materials , especially in the field of various wafer / substrate and sputter target materials .

Today , we have enough capability to offer a wide range of products , such as Silicon wafer , Oxide wafer , SOI wafer , Sapphire wafer , GaSb wafer , InAs wafer , Quartz wafer and Sputter target . Products are mainly exported to North America , Europe and Asia Pacific area .

Now over 500 leading laboratories and research centers worldwide used our products for their research projects , our customer include famous high technology companies , semiconductor fabs , as well as government organization and university R&D institutes .

SWI commit to provide advanced electronic materials and value added consulting service to R&D laboratory and high-tech industry worldwide . We have highly experienced engineers and technical sales team as well as an excellent material management system , we can provide you with high quality and reliable products in an extremely efficient manner .

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be a global supplier and producer of advanced semiconductor materials . Help scientists quickly find and evalute scientific materials they need in order to perform their research experiments.

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Email : sales@semiwafer.com
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